Laci Peterson Cause of Deth: What Happened to Her Unborn Child? (2024)

Four months after Laci Peterson went missing her body washed up on a beach but there were little signs as to how she had dἰed. There was never an official determination of the cause of deἀth, although the prosecution claimed suffocation during the trial.

Peterson’s terribly decayed body was discovered floating in San Francisco Bay. A definitive cause of deἀth could not be determined by autopsy. Her unborn child who would be named Conner was not found with her. When Laci passed away, she was eight months along in her pregnancy.

Conner’s body, which had been preserved in utero was an important piece of evidence in the murdeɼ trial of Laci Peterson. After his wife disappeared on December 24, 2002, Scott Peterson told police he had gone fishing on Brooks Island. According to the appeal submitted in Scott Peterson’s case, prosecutors claimed Conner’s leg bone length proved he was slain on that day.

ABC 20/20 is bringing back the high-profile case with new interviews, including one with Scott Peterson. Peterson had cheated on his wife with Frey. On May 14, 2021, at 9 p.m. Eastern, a new episode titled “One Last Chance” will premiere.

Laci Peterson Cause of Deἀth

At Scott Peterson’s trial, the state claimed that she dἰed of suffocation. Laci, who was eight months pregnant at the time of the trial, was allegedly kidnapped while out walking her dog, McKenzie. The defense also claimed the fetus had been cut from the mother’s womb and strangled.

According to SFGate, forensic pathologist Dr. Brian Peterson testified that evidence revealed the unborn kid, who had been named Conner by his parents, perished when Laci was kἰlled. They have no bl00d ties to Dr. Peterson. Both Laci and Connor Peterson washed up on the shores of San Francisco Bay, and he performed autopsies on each of them.

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Conner Peterson’s body was remarkably well preserved, in contrast to Laci Peterson’s completely decomposed one. He reasoned that this was due to his safe environment in the womb. The idea that Conner Peterson was strangled was sh0t down by Peterson.

Twine was discovered around his neck, but he claimed it was probably just floating debris that got mixed up with the body. Nothing about his body suggested he had been strangled, and there were no bruises.

‘Really, I believe that for whatever reason Laci met her demise, it was her deἀth that precipitated the deἀth of (Conner Peterson),’ he reportedly told the newspaper.

It is still unclear what exactly caused Laci Peterson’s deἀth. Her decomposing body was in poor shape.

Dr. Peterson suspected strangulation or smothering, for which there would be no forensic proof, but he couldn’t be sure because her head and neck were missing, along with her forearms, most of both legs and all internal organs (save the uterus), as reported by the Sioux City Journal.

No proof that Laci Peterson was smothered was presented in the appeal of Scott Peterson’s case. The police did not seize pillows to conduct forensic tests. According to the appeal, the lack of bl00d at the scene in Modesto was used to support the smothering allegation.

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In 2002, Laci Peterson vanished on Christmas Eve, and her family didn’t find out anything about her whereabouts for another four months. Her badly deteriorated body gave very few clues even in deἀth. A forensic pathologist theorized that the fetus was shielded in pregnancy, explaining why Conner Peterson’s body was more complete than Laci Peterson’s. Peterson and her unborn child’s remains were moved by a storm in late spring.

According to the appeal submitted in the Peterson murdeɼ case, the bones washed ashore over the course of two days on April 13 and 14, 2003.

As it had been four months before Laci Peterson’s body was discovered, police were unable to link her deἀth to Scott Peterson through forensics. The state of California’s case was built on the testimony of three experts. A fetal development specialist testified that the evidence pointed to the murdeɼ of Conner’s unborn child on December 23 or 24.

Conner’s thigh bone was the source of the evidence. Dog scent evidence was also mentioned by another witness. At the Berkeley Marina, a dog sounded the alarm, revealing that Scott Peterson had brought his wife’s body there. Finally, a hydrologist testified that they observed human remains floating in the bay.

According to the witness, Scott Peterson dumped Laci’s body in the same spot he told police he was fishing. At trial, the prosecution contended that Scott Peterson murdeɼed his wife in their Modesto residence. However, the appeal submitted in his case states that there was no proof of a murdeɼ at the residence.

No bodily fluids or tissues were discovered within the home. There were no indications of “foul play,” as stated by Officer Letsinger, in the Peterson residence. Neither the Petersons nor their next-door neighbor, Karen Servas, heard any screams or other unusual noises on the night of the 23rd or the morning of the 24th. “There were no defensive marks or wounds on Scott,” the appeal concluded.

Outside the house, the police found a mop and two buckets, which they believe Peterson used to clean up the scene of the crime. The appeal claimed that neither the mop nor the buckets contained any evidence.

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Laci Peterson Cause of Deth: What Happened to Her Unborn Child? (2024)
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